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Calcaneal spur


Calcaneal spur

Calcaneal spur is underdiagnosed than its presence. It is one of the most common causes of feet, leg and heel pain. It causes a sharp foot and leg pain especially in the mornings.
Pain is originated from the calcification of the thickest tendon of the foot which is called plantar fascia. It is commonly misdiagnosed because it is complicated with lumbar disc herniations. A direct x-ray and physical examination is necessary for the proper diagnose.

Every calcaneal spur imagination does not cause foot or leg pain, on the other hand calcaneal spur which causes pain can not be detected with direct x-rays. If calcification is at early stages, x-ray images can not demonstrate typical spur presence.

Various modalities such as silicone cushions, steroid injections, ESWL, surgical treatments etc are used for treatment. Some modalities may achieve temporary pain relief and some modalities may eliminate the spur formation at the imaginations but unable to achieve permanent pain relief. Sometimes recurrent spur formation is diagnosed long after the surgical treatment of the plantar fascia.

One of the most efficient pain treatment options is radiofrequency ablation of the calcaneal brances of the posterior tibial nerve and lateral plantar nerve. This is a simple, easy and a permanent pain management option. Neither an anesthetic procedure nor post surgical recovery period is needed. This is an outpatient procedure and the patients are discharged from hospital few hours after the intervention.



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